Trimming & Hedging

Need Hedge Trimming Services in Conyers, GA?

We shape bushes and hedges

Do you want more privacy in your yard? Forget installing a costly fence - we offer hedge trimming to give you with a neat property boundary. Father and Son Lawn Services, LLC is committed to providing you with top-quality services to ensure your yard is secure and beautiful.

We also offer tree trimming for those pesky low-hanging branches that can get in the way. We can trim your hedges as an add on to our lawn mowing services or as a separate service. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, call us when you need hedge trimming in Conyers, GA.

The benefits of tree trimming

The benefits of tree trimming

Keeping up with regular tree trimming is important for a well-groomed yard. Tree trimming is also beneficial because:

  1. It removes branches that are infested with bugs
  2. It helps the tree grow healthier and faster
  3. It ensures your safety by removing hanging branches

Want more information? Ask us about the other benefits of tree trimming by calling today.